Why I love Dinner Impossible

This is one of my favorite TV shows to come along in a long time. At first I didn't really understand why I enjoyed it so much, then it hit me. It matches my personality. I love the idea that Robert Irvine will accept a tremendous challenge without knowing all the details. That's the point - set a deadline, set some success criteria, then figure out what it takes to meet the challenge. I love it. He has no idea who is helping him, what tools he has available, what space he has available, etc. He accepts the challenge, then assesses what he has, adapts, and ultimately wins.

Again, I love it!. The business world needs more Robert Irvines.

Some will argue this is a fault, some a strength. I think it's a strength. One of the biggest blockers of execution is people who need every t crossed and i dotted before making a decision or moving forward. Very few people can start with a deadline and a goal and work their way backwards into a solution to meet the challenge. This is arguably the difference between entrepreneurs and corporate mentality (if you can't tell, the lack of entrepreneurship in corporations, well, gets to me).

Change happens. Expect it. Adapt to it. Do whatever it takes. To expect the obvious is to set yourself up for failure.

I remember running my own consulting firm, and having a lot of people ask "how do you know where your next client will come from?" I always answered the same: I don't. And that's the point. Not knowing had zero to do with the success of my business. Maintaining a prospect pipeline, executing relationships and negotiations, and delivering value was what made my business successful. Yes, clients backed out of deals. Yes there were times I was unbillable. But more often than that I was turning down clients, turning down work from existing clients, etc.

Make it happen. The decision comes before the data.


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