Is the online market getting overserved?

I've been getting a number of requests to "trust someone on Spock." What is Spock? After going to their site, I don't have much of a clue. At best I can figure out, it looks to be an aggregator of one's online information and content.

While I do agree that the social networking space could use an aggregator, it also occurs to me that the social networking solution I've built up over time (blogs, email, RSS reader, LinkedIn) work good enough for my needs. As such, sites like Facebook, MySpace, and now Spock overserve my needs.

And I think that's where a lot of the older crowd gets their "I don't get Facebook" attitude - it doesn't improve on the needs relative to what people have put in place to date.

Where do I think the online market is underserved?

Personalization: with all the investment into social networking I am very surprised very little, if anything, is being done in the personalization space. Why doesn't Google do a better job knowing whether I am trying to buy something or whether I am researching a topic? Why am I not made aware of products relevant to me that are being promoted?

I have left a long trail on the Internet over the last 20 years. Why isn't that being used today?

I know I will get the "well it is being used." To which I respond "Bull." It's being used in a superficial fashion. I want deeper personalization. Sites that know my interests, my values, my history,


James said...

in 6 months twine.com from nova spivak will offer something to this effect. the scobleizer has a video on it.

Anonymous said...

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