You need to blog

I just ran across the TSA's blog. They've been up and running a couple of weeks. The TSA. You know, that arcane organization that has illogical rules, terrible service, and unmotivated (and underappreciated!) employees? Yes, they have a blog, and apparently they listen to public input.

People expect a public face of you now. Really, they do. If you don't, something is amiss. You're hiding something.

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mt si dad said...

But blogging means that you're giving away too much of yourself as a company! And it brings public awareness! And what if you say something that lets people think less of you! And blogging will make the sky fall!

I've heard all these from employers before. These same employers don't have any problem with releasing content to the web that's the official voice of the company with little or no oversight.

But blogging has to be wrong because it's so simple and so light-weight.