Google makes LIFE's images available

Now this is a great application of the web, combining Google's image search with what is arguably the finest image archive out there, LIFE's image archive.

I wonder what the usage rights on for LIFE images?


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering the same thing, I emailed Google and asked in a FAQ area but they said they cannot reply to all questions so I'm waiting with my fingers crossed hoping the'll get back to me. I did read that Time still owns the copyrights to all the pictures.

If anyone finds out about usage on websites/fees/permissions etc. I'd love to know. If I learn anything I'll post back.


Johan Örneblad said...

I've just written a blog post about the issue here http://intangitopia.blogspot.com/2008/12/life-goes-google-but-what-can-you-do_01.html .

The main conclusions are that Life state that you can use them for personal and research use in the press release. But on Google FAQ that you only can browse and rate the images.