Ok, starting up my professional blog again. I love the URL for it... pioneerit. I don't know why, but I was reading the umpteenth article/book that overused the term innovation, and I started to contemplate alternatives to this buzzword. After a while, and discarding some words, I settled in on pioneer. That's it. That nails it for ME. Pioneer. Blaze new trails. Be there first. Don't know the outcome. Have confidence. Have the capability to take on all unknown challenges that will arise.


I just finished my first week in my new role as Product/Program Manager for Amazon Web Services Order Pipeline Services. If that name is a little vague, and doesn't appear on the AWS site, it's not supposed to. While I do own AWS Gift Certificates and our AWS Order Pipeline, there are some ideas floating around that.

As part of the first week, I of course sat down with my new boss. As much as I dislike the idea of having a boss - all things being equal I'd much rather hang my own shingle as I once did - I do like the diversity and growth opportunity offered by working for a company. As we reviewed my priorities and short term goals, I was absolutely energized by one of my boss' sentence fragments:

...and any other products and ideas you might come up with...

This was in the context of talking about my overall ownership and responsibilities. We were covering the products I own and the input/expertise he expects from me, and said the above in a way where he expects me to incubate, develop, and launch new ideas. How refreshing, how energizing. This, in an operations group. (Aaron if you are reading this we have some work to do)

Already love my new job, stay tuned for the details.

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